Become a Partner


We value our partners and want to see them blow their goals out of the water. To help nonprofits produce the most successful events possible, we bring to them the following benefits:

WE’RE A RELATIONSHIP MAGNET: Wine Women & Shoes and Farm to Table(aux) events raise the bar on nonprofit events and enhance your organization’s overall fundraising efforts. Your event will attract a new, diverse, and often younger attendee and donor base. Additionally, our exciting and engaging format energizes board members and volunteers.

WE’RE A ONE STOP SOLUTION: Our nonprofit event package offers market-tested solutions—including pre-event budgeting, sponsorship planning and activation, revenue strategy, and invites to registration. Basically, we cover all the bases. Our proprietary “How To” guide and monthly great ideas also provide you with all the necessary details about how to plan and execute our event concepts.

WE’RE A TEAM OF EXPERTS: The Studio 4Forty team helps guide you every step of the way. Our talented and experienced team includes nonprofit development and event planning professionals, graphic designers, and wine procurement experts who have a long and strong track record of success designing and executing nonprofit events all over the country.

WE TAKE A COLLABORATIVE APPROACH: We know every nonprofit is a unique organization with a variety of stakeholders involved in the fundraising effort. We like getting to know you and seamlessly collaborating with your organization’s team, year after year, so that together, we are the most successful that we possibly can be.