Our Events


Wine Women & Shoes (also affectionately known as WW&S) is an engaging and exciting fundraising event where community-minded, philanthropic women (and a few good men) gather to sip, shop, savor, and support a worthy cause in a chic, fun, and innovative way. This signature fundraising event ignites the senses from the moment guests step through the doors. From wine tasting and shopping the designer pop-up boutiques, to mingling with charming Shoe Guys and the fashion show, your guests will remember the many “wow” moments while supporting a great cause. Since its inception in 2004, WW&S, has exploded across the U.S., generating more than $100 MILLION over 500 exceptional events.


Farm to Table(aux) is a unique and highly creative fundraising event concept leveraging cuisine and art into an engaging and entertaining feast for your supporters. This signature fundraising event playfully unites the widely popular Farm-to-Table culinary trend with a contemporary interpretation of the “tableaux vivants” (living pictures) from French theater – static but dramatic visual depictions using carefully posed actors in costume, appearing in sets adorned with vibrant props and scenery. Farm to Table(aux) events feature fresh, seasonal and locally-sourced dishes prepared by inventive chefs featuring artistic displays and live performances showcasing community artists and entertainers.