Elaine Honig


Elaine is an entrepreneur who thrives on creating brands, building businesses, and helping others—be they animals or humans. A native Oklahoman with an Economics degree from Tufts University, she started out in the real estate business, then spent 21 years in the wine business helping grow a small family project into a nationally recognized wine brand. In 2004, Elaine developed Wine Women & Shoes as a local community fundraiser that doubled as a marketing opportunity for Napa Valley wines—a “pairing” that proved to be so successful, she grew it into a national nonprofit events company. Today STUDIO 4Forty includes Farm to Table(aux) and Eventful with more concepts to come. She also manages a real estate business specializing in furnished rentals. Honored as an Outstanding Woman in Agriculture, Elaine remains an active participant in her Napa Valley community and currently serves on the Board of the Napa Communities Firewise Foundation. Previously, she’s served on the boards of the Napa County Farm Bureau, the Napa Sierra Club, the Napa County Land Trust, and the diRosa Center for Contemporary Art.