You Do Have Creative Bones

Blog Post by: Sarah Obialero

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, or maybe have even said, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” I’ve always found this statement funny because the fact is, we all have the ability to create to some level. Simply put, being creative means using your imagination. Basically, think like a child.  We all have the capacity to do that, right?  

Growing up, every day we are trained how to think and act like an adult – preparing us for the logical, rational thinking that comes with the responsibilities we will carry on our minds and shoulders for the rest of our lives. Ugh – major buzz kill.  But now, as adults, who’s teaching (or reminding) us how to think and act like a child? How do we let our imaginations run free, embrace irrational thinking in an attempt to find our creative bones, and open up a side of us we’ve probably forgotten about? I hate to say it, but that’s up to us.

When I was young, creating seemed to come so easy. Ideas flowed like a raging river out of my brain and into whatever I was working on at that moment: Painting, drawing, building, designing my dream house, making jewelry, etc. Time and responsibility weren’t a concern, and I could just explore freely and create whatever I wanted. 

Today, I feel so blessed to make a living doing what I love. Creating is my happy place. It always has been. I love getting lost in an idea, experimenting with combinations of various elements, coming up with branding directions and imagery. Yet sometimes I think back to my youth and wonder, do I still have ALL the creative bones I did back then, or have I lost some? 

Personally, when I feel the stresses of adult life starting to build up and block my creative thinking, I get outside and go for a run. I know it sounds strange, but it works for me. I started running in high school because I needed an outlet to filter the frustration of being a teenager and to build confidence in myself. I quickly got addicted to the feeling of freedom when running and the way my brain would start to wander and explore different thoughts – sparking new ideas or ways of thinking about something. As an adult, this has always been where my creative bones seem to re-appear. When I get back from a run, I feel relieved, more focused, confident, and most often ready to tackle my next project.

It’s true, to some running feels more like torture. But for me, it takes me back to my childhood for a little while ­– to a moment when time itself felt abundant, and carefree, and my ideas flowed non-stop. I think that’s the trick to finding your creative bones – doing something that makes you feel like a child again. I mean, really, that’s where creativity seems to live anyway.

Creativity has no defined process. It’s about letting go of process and allowing your imagination to take control. I encourage you to find your creative bones, because you do have them. Think about what you can do that will bring you back to your child-like self and set your imagination free. Happy creating!