The Evolution of STUDIO 4Forty

Blog Post by: Elaine Honig

I’ve always thought of myself as an entrepreneur. To me, entrepreneur means someone who starts things, whether it be a business, non-profit, a bocce league, a city park… something that goes from conversation to reality. Entrepreneurs pull together threads of ideas, fragments of conversation, and people to launch something, to solve a problem, to provide a service, to improve things. Once a good endeavor gets rolling, it can grow beyond and take on a life of its own, like STUDIO 4Forty.

Founding and building STUDIO 4Forty has been the most fulfilling endeavor of my life. Building this enterprise is the result of fantastic team work with Heather, Ashlee, Krista, Jennifer, Kim, Sarah, Allie and Reagan. Working with them and watching them grow beyond me has given me a sense of wonder and warmth. Every day they inspire me.

Witnessing these women care so much for our clients and each other makes me optimistic. They demonstrate every day in hundreds of small ways that we can live generous lives and thrive in our work. Together, we’ve learned we can create abundance and good will and find solutions to any challenge. This hardworking team of smart, capable women care about helping people, the greater good in the world, and prove again and again they are oriented to the needs of others.

My stepfather used to say, “Always give more than you take. Be the first to step up, then you’ll see others will step up, and pretty soon, everyone will be feeling good and stepping up.” This philosophy is the guiding compass of our business, and it’s navigated us through rough waters.

Watching our team try new things (course work, virtual events, & consulting) and be fearless about it fills me with pride and joy. They’re determined. They have heart. They’re creative and collaborative. Beautiful and smart. Strong and resilient. I love and appreciate each and every one.

Thank you to my team! May the journey continue.