What’s in a Partner

Blog Post By: Sarah Obialero

Partners. We all have them, we all need them, and most of us spend a large portion of our lives looking for the right ones. Whether in our personal lives or in our professional careers, finding the right partners is an essential part of our survival – without them, we simply wouldn’t be here.

The definition of “partner” is a pair of people engaged together in the same activity”, but is it not so much more than that? Starting in our youth, we find partners in our parents, sibling(s), friends, teammates, even pets. We quickly learn as we grow that these partnerships are sometimes THE BEST things in life and sometimes not. Either way, we learn from them and grow.

The best partners in life happen when both parties can mutually bring and provide each other what they need to survive AND thrive. When I think about the partners in my life, I think about my husband, my family, my closest friends, my co-workers and clients. Each and every one plays a crucial part in my life, just as I do in theirs – equally.  

Strong partnerships are relationships. They require mutual trust and respect, listening and communicating, building up and encouraging, supporting and doing. Without these components partnerships fall apart. And that’s okay. Sometimes two parties were just not meant to be. I’ve learned to always trust that there’s a silver lining.  

In my professional career with STUDIO 4Forty, and with fundraising as a whole, finding great partnerships is everything. Our entire business model is built on partnerships. From our nonprofit partners, vendors and wine partners, to our national and operational based partners, we simply wouldn’t exist without them, nor would we be helping them to thrive and succeed in their worlds. That is our entire mission.

“We’re On A Mission – For Yours.” 

Helping our partners grow and succeed in their communities and in their areas of expertise is our why. From fundraising consulting and signature events, to graphic design, onstage cash calls, and spreadsheets, we are constantly finding ways to be a better partner and to hold onto the partners that we thrive with in success.  

So what’s in a partner? For me it boils down to the ripple effect that one great partnership can have throughout a community, a business, a team, a family. It opens doors to more partnerships and support systems. A partner can build and accelerate growth. It is fed by love and good intentions and it flows through every part of life. It’s a relationship that helps both parties to thrive. 

I am proud to be a part of a company that values our partners above all else.